Investors Financial is the premier funding source available for today's successful note sellers.

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Investors Financial Corporation is committed to conducting its business openly, honestly and fairly.

  • We present our note sellers with all available options.
  • We provide full disclosure of terms, conditions and a detailed accounting of all transactions.
  • We treat note sellers with respect and understanding.
  • We are professionals who know the market and offer top dollar.


Investors Financial Corporation understands that the relationship it has with its note sellers is very important and very private.  That’s why one of the basic tenets of our organization is to hold each transaction with each note seller in the strictest confidence.  The people we serve invariably find our company a safe, reliable source for transacting business with.

Financial Strength

With the expertise of senior officers and the industry experience of the management team, we have the resources, connections and savvy to execute many transactions when others cannot.

Cost Efficiencies

Investors Financial Corporation provides all of the services required in the purchase of real estate related debt instruments including documenting, funding and closing services.  This eliminates the layers of costly third party fees that can be associated with these types of transactions.  This cost efficiency results in more money in the pocket of the real estate note seller.


We know the only way we can gain the confidence of our note sellers is to work as hard as we can, offering them quality financial opportunities from experienced, knowledgeable professionals.

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