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The first step to selling your note is understanding why and how. Allow us to explain the process and help make it easier. Please take a look at our articles below

Why Sell Your Real Estate Note?

There is one simple reason that people sell real estate notes, and that is to raise cash quickly.

A real estate note is common terminology for a document created when financing the sale of a home or other property. Different types of real estate notes include promissory note, mortgage notes, land real estate contracts, and contracts-for-sale. Real estate notes are secured by either a Deed Of Trust or Mortgage which identifies the collateral for the loan. Holding a real estate note means that payments are coming into you, but those payments are small and trickle in, rather than providing instant cash. This is the primary reason to sell your note; money today is always worth more than money tomorrow.
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Selecting A Note Buyer

When it comes to financial matters, it can be quite terrifying to venture down a brand new path. When you are contemplating selling your mortgage note, finding a note buyer that will not only give you a good quote but one that will also guide you through the process is key.

First and foremost, you will want to select a company with an excellent reputation. These days, anyone can put up a website and make themselves sound knowledgeable about the topic at hand. Therefore, it is important to take a look at reviews from outside sources such as the Better Business Bureau, with whom we are proud to hold an A+ rating. Take a moment and look at our reviews.

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How Long Does it Take to Sell A Note?

The first step in selling your note is to get a quote. Once you find a quote and buyer you are comfortable with it is time to accept that quote. This is when the process of selling your mortgage note really gets started. In fact, it is quite similar to buying or selling a house. When an offer is accepted, the paperwork process begins.

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Can I Improve The Value of My Note?

While there aren’t many things you can do to improve the actual value of your note, your record keeping could help a bit.

When finalizing the value of your note it will be important to be able to show a record of the payment history from the borrower.  If the borrower is known for making late payments, the value of the note overall could decrease.  This is also the case if the borrower has a low credit score and could be a potential risk for the note purchaser.  An accurate payment history could help you offset this possibility and maintain the value of your note. 

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Sell your Note

If you are currently holding a self-financed note, your finances are probably a bit more complex than a normal property owner’s. When you hold a mortgage note, you have to carefully track a variety of items such as regular monthly payments, additional principal payments, homeowner’s insurance, and property tax payments. Plus, this could easily be on top of your own home-based expenses. Obviously, that sort of attention to detail can get quite tiresome.
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